Now on Twitter!

twitterDecided to do the twitter thing. Kinda new at it but, i will be using it to post minor updates to the project so people can see I’m actually working on it.


What is “Voliar’s Revenge”?

It all started in the era of Warcraft 3. I had been modding and such for quite some time in wc3, but there were many times I found it having too many limits.

I’ve always been a fan of Final Fantasy so I tried to create the battle system in wc3 using the MultiboardĀ as interface. It was a huge pain in the arse, so to speak. It was before I learned of the magnificent use of arrays in variables and loops. So when doing this, I changed each cell of info 1 by 1.

I never finished it because of my lack of knowledge in triggering, but I managed to get a good experience from it. I learned lots from it, and spent maaaaany hours making it.

Then came the day I got my hands on a Starcraft 2 Beta key. I had been struggling to get one just to get my hands on the editor, not the game. I found that I’d rather play the full game on release and learn about the editor instead. So I decided to continue my passion for the Final Fantasy-esque battle system in Sc2.

After alot of “Wtf? Holy s***!” and facepalmning, I managed to push out a preview for people to judge my creation.

After the first video I started learning more and more things about the Sc2 editor. That it was WAY more complicated than the Wc3 editor, but in the same scale also alot more flexible and useful.
A little while later I made a second video which for some reason was an increadible hit. I was stoked the first night when it had reached 2000 views because I had about 800 on my first vid. Then it spread like wildfire.

That popularity gave me a push to make this into a full project. It was first only meant for theorycrafting and educational purpose for myself. It’s still alot of triggering to be done but now it will be alot more than just a battle system.

Pick-up Line!

Hello there, it’s me again. I’ve vacated from the whole Star Craft era for a while now, but I’ve got my will back to continue. I stopped working on my project due to a bad computer. The loadingtime it required each time i needed to test a single trigger took it’s toll on my patience.

I haven’t gotten a new one, but I’ve got a new flame of inspiration. Crackling inside my chest.