Pick-up Line!

Hello there, it’s me again. I’ve vacated from the whole Star Craft era for a while now, but I’ve got my will back to continue. I stopped working on my project due to a bad computer. The loadingtime it required each time i needed to test a single trigger took it’s toll on my patience.

I haven’t gotten a new one, but I’ve got a new flame of inspiration. Crackling inside my chest.


2 thoughts on “Pick-up Line!

  1. I hope this incredible mod is still in development, i really cant wait to play this. I hope to hear some news about it soon.

    • It still is. The things is that alot of what you’ve seen had to be remade. All abilities were static and I had to make them dynamic. So that finding items and learning news skills in time made a difference. In the other video they were just “there”.

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